Escape Rooms


The Crying Cactus

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows across the rugged desert landscape, a weary group of travelers stumbles upon the remote outpost of the Crying Cactus Cantina.

Intrigued by rumors of a taco shop hidden amidst the desolation, they push open the door, eager for sustenance and adventure. Unbeknownst to them, the secrets lurking within the cantina’s walls are as intricate and perilous as the unforgiving terrain outside, challenging their resolve and cunning at every turn.

Cursed Isle

Your elite team of researchers have been successfully finding missing people, often times in the most unfamiliar of places, for decades now. Today is no different. The science commission has reported that radio transmissions from their very own seasoned pilot was abruptly ceased and the world renown passenger, Professor Christopher McKenna, along with the precious cargo “Box” is missing. This assignment has led you to one of the most remote and insurmountable jungles you’ve ever seen. You’ve located what appears to be a crash site along with a cache of cargo from the missing plane. Professor McKenna cannot be found, although there is evidence he was once there. A mysterious “Box” has survived the wreckage and seems to contain the explanation. Can you and your team complete this research mission and escape before time runs out?

If you like Jumanji, you’ll LOVE this experience. Can you and your team complete the research mission, make all the correct moves and escape the portal before time runs out? This is a game cube Experience, solving a tech driven crate found deep within a remote jungle setting.

The Ransom

Renowned author and world traveler, Daniel Mckenna, has enlisted the help of several interns to assist him in his research for his final novel. However, once inside you will find out you are there to do much more than just assist him in his research. 

The Black Jewel

During a violent storm you and your fellow landlubbers have capsized your vessel near an outcropping of small islands. Thankfully a large ship is approaching – you have been saved! However, when the crew brings you aboard, you suddenly realize you’re on the infamous pirate ship “The Black Jewel” with Captain Jack Blackerby. Tales of his guzzling down rum, chasing busty wenches at nearby ports and sending prisoners to Davy Jones’ locker have traveled near and far.

Captain Blackerby trusts no one and doesn’t allow strangers on his ship, but he is in desperate need of more swabbies for the ship. Unfortunately for you, the Captain sees you eyeing his treasure chests and has become convinced you are on board to hornswaggle him out of his fortune.. The first mate has been ordered to lock everyone to the brig to await your fate. Meanwhile the captain has gathered his band of pirates and set off to find more loot to add to his fortune. 

The Exhibit

Famous author Daniel McKenna and his son, Stewart, traveled the world for many years. Daniel gathered information for his many award winning novels, while Stewart collected art and eclectic pieces. Over the years, Stewart’s collection grew and became one of the country’s largest, privately owned collections ever amassed by one person.

Wanting to share his collection with the world, Stewart opened the “McKenna Museum of Eclectic Art”. After his death, the McKenna family closed the museum. However, in his will, Stewart demanded the public would always be able to see his treasures, so the family split up the collection and sent it off as traveling pop-up displays around the country. One collection has arrived in Daytona Beach and caught the attention of Stanley Wright – retired art hustler.

It has been rumored that this particular collection includes a special exhibit – one that would be invaluable to any thief and worth the risk of coming out of retirement for another heist. Stanley has enlisted the help of a few of his friends and put a plan in place. He can’t be seen around the exhibit, so he has managed to hide many helpful tools and hints to help your accomplish the deed. You will only have one hour between the security guard’s rounds, so time is of the essence. 

Death Alley 1892 - Dead or Alive

It’s the morning of October 5th 1892 and your group of weary travelers just spent the night in The Boarding House in Coffeyville Kansas. Your first stop of the day is the local saloon to whet your whistle for the long dusty ride ahead of you The streets of Coffeyville are full of shopkeepers starting their day, and residents busy with errands. Five horsemen are just riding into the far end of town.

As you’re enjoying your grub and drink you suddenly hear shouting in the street. Alex McKenna, storekeeper, has noticed the five horsemen and, even though they are wearing disguises, he recognizes them as the local band of outlaws – the Dalton Gang. As he watches them split up and head for the two local banks, he knows what is about to happen and sounds the alarm – shouting out “The Daltons are robbing the banks!! “

The residents of Coffeyville are going to need your help to stop Bob, Grat and Emmett, Bill Powers and Dick Broadwell – the Dalton Gang. Can you relive the true story of the Dalton’s last ride in Coffeyville? Help the town stop them from escaping as they head down Death Alley.

Disturbance in Elmwood

Recently, unusual events have been noticed on the outskirts of town at the Elmwood Cemetery and the adjacent abandoned caretaker’s house. Townspeople have long told stories about strange activity over the years but have put it off as pranks and folklore of secret passageways that allowed movement between the living and the dead.

It seems that many people have seen strange shadows and movement in the darkness of night. The boarded up caretakers house has been seen with lights flickering and shadows on the window indicating activity inside, even though the power has been shut off for years.

Even worse, it seems people have been disappearing suddenly. The local residents are starting to panic and have gathered at the entrance gates to investigate for themselves. They have split into teams to cover the North and South entrances to the cemetery. Take heed! Solve the mystery. Do NOT overstay your welcome. Avoid becoming the newest resident of Elmwood.


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