Sparkle’s Revenge Escape Room

Sparkle's Revenge Escape Room

(Room Is Now Closed)


Up to 6


60 Minutes

Difficulty Level


(Room Is Now Closed)

Sparkle the Elf has had it! She had her heart set on being the new Head Carpenter Elf at Santa’s workshop after Jingles the Elf retired. However, it didn’t happen that way, and now she’s going to show Santa and all the other elves just how powerful she really is. Tools and partially built toys have suddenly gone missing in the workshop and nobody seems to know why. It’s becoming a huge problem and Santa is worried that he won’t have enough toys for his Christmas Eve trip around the world.

Meanwhile, you and your family have set off on a holiday excursion, but the weather has gotten progressively worse. Suddenly, you find yourself stuck in a snow drift in the middle of nowhere. In the distance you see a glimmer of light and decide to go for help. As you near the light, you realize it’s a small cabin, festively lit with tiny lights and a wreath on the door.

A sign proclaims “North Pole: and you suddenly realize you’re not in Kansas anymore! The elves bring you in to their cozy workshop and enlist your help with their problem. Can you help them figure out what is going on in the workshop and help them finish the toys for Christmas? It is 11pm and you have just one hour to get Santa ready to fly around the world. 

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